Project Locked: Doors, Doors, Doors

While I already talked about the idea behind and general frame for Locked in the last entry, this one will cover only one specific feature: doors! As I described in the last entry, Locked will be a game about picking locks to open closed doors. And therefore, I need many doors with many locks to pick.

One way would be of course to create ... continue

When everything changes, nothing changes

At least, that's what a certain Royce recently told me. I hope it isn't entirely true, because in the last few months a lot has changed. The second half of the last year was really busy at work, staying in the hotel during the week and getting everything else done on the weekend, leaving next to no time to work on my private projects.
Last week however, I moved to a new city and started working at a new place just 20 minutes from my new home. I am still furnishing my flat and getting used to the new city and everything, but my computer is already set up and I am already eager to get back with my little projects here.

Until then, here is a little update that I completely forget to post for Yes! No?

Happy Birthday!

Six years ago today, gheist.de went online. I had spent a lot of time beforehand creating the first design and planning the content, and while some of the planned parts worked out, others didn't. Especially providing content had proven difficult again and again. That some parts of the cms on the back end were really complicated and made it a lot more work than necessary to add new content didn't help either.

Over the years, I spent a lot of time working on the back end to make it more usable for what I wanted to do - the last and most important step being Gray, which took some time to develop but really eased creating content for me. And also the design changed now and then, but this was mostly fine tuning. What never changed was the overall structure of the site, which became more and more an obstacle for new and continuous content. Hopefully the spring clean and the new (already 4th) version of gheist.de will help to overcome this!

Since I effectively halted all projects when development of gheist v4 started, I am using this birthday to share some details on a new project I am working on, and of course with a first entry in the freshly revised blog section :-)

Happy Birthday!

New Project: Locked

The idea for this project originated while playing Thief (the 2014 version) some time ago. I really enjoyed the game, and while there were some meh-parts, there was also one part that I really, really liked in this game: picking locks. Luckily, there were many locks to pick in the game. But one morning in the train, I thought it would be great if ... continue


Again (and unfortunately...) it was very quiet on gheist.de. A huge part of the reasons why, is that I am quite busy and rarely found some time to write for my site. Another part is that while I eventually found some time for some private projects, there is no finished project nor much to show. And even though there are some things that I wanted to share, the old structure of gheist.de was a bit restricting - it was neither a project nor a snippet.

Therefore, it is finally time to dust of gheist.de!
You might have noticed the new design already. I really liked the old one, but after all these years it was time for something new. Aside from the design I also reworked the categories a bit.

The projects haven't changed and still contain an overview of the projects I deemed share-worthy.

The blog replaces the previous snippets section and allows me to write about other things, which don't need to be a rounded down snippet.

The journey is a completely new category that allows me to share a bit of one of my passions - traveling. Right now it only contains this year's trip to Morocco, but more will follow. It just takes some time to reduce the huge piles of pictures taken down to a more managable and less boring amount ;-)

With these changes in place and finally live, I am positive to be able to provide more frequent updates. The updates will probably be smaller if it isn't a new project, but hopefully more frequent!

And for now, let's see how this works out until the 6th birthday of gheist.de next month!
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